Hand-stitched felt tapestry and cape, 1m x 80cm (2020)
This was created as part of my How The Weather Came To Be project. 
It involved lots of research into how textiles can be utilised as vehicles of storytelling. Tapestries as stories, tapestries as practical pieces, tapestries as decoration, tapestries as modes to carry tradition.
"The Tlingit were not writers of books," Austin Hammond, a Tlingit elder, said. "They wove their history into their garments, and they wear their history on their backs."
This tapestry was created with the intention of telling the 4 of my stories, happening in layers from rain (the underground man) up to the Sun. The wind story from my 4 tales involves a greedy woman stealing the wind and harnessing it all for herself by using it as thread to craft herself a cape of dancing designs. So the tapestry functions also as a cape, so it can exist 'within' the story as well as telling it, with a button fastened at the back.
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